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NABL Certified Ration Bio disinfectant - Chimney Enzymatic bio spray cleaner The

most advanced multi- enzyme formula


1. Advanced RCC22 formula concentrate developed with Enzymes and bio surfactant base can take

significant scrubbing effort out of the manual dishwashing process and dramatically increase cleaning

effectiveness on all varieties of vessels with ACS action (accurate cleaning system)

2. RCC Chimney Enzymatic spray Cleaner features revolutionary technology that penetrates the toughest

greasy, burnt-on food soils on dishes, pots, and pans.

3. The product is fully formulated with a RC019 enzyme stabilizer pack to ensure maximum stability in

storage, anti-corrosion surfactants and an eco-friendly Biocide.


Liquid LP facilitate to removal of soils containing vegetable or animal fats and oils

Liquid LE works magic on all types of common household protein stains

LP156 breaks down proteins & stains

LL158 - breaks down fats/grease into fatty acids and glycerol.

LA 127 - starch acts as a glue for dirt - break-down of starch into sugars.

RCC22- natural surfactant & Enzymes based disinfectant

Usage: spray on surface of all General vessels one time and leave for 5 minutes and clean with

sponge are scrubber. for tough stains spray for 2 to 3 times

Ration Chimney cleaner

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