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About Us

Ration Brand is a Manufacturer of Dis-infectant Product's based in South India - Hyderabad . The undersigned-Founder has received numerous awards for Hand Hygine, Virus detection & Prevention, Environmental cleaning from WHO providing top quality BIO products at exceptionally reasonable prices for mankind. After dedicating 30+ Years Manufacturing in home care Chemical division the founder has diversified into Eco- Friendly BIO-CARE Products with  dedicated team of professional scientists who are on guard, making sure all of our products are 100% Certified bt NABL , GMP , ISO 14001-2015 EMP and USFDA also keeping in view of World wide buyers Company has international Barcodes on all Packs. 

  • Ration BioEnzymes are good bacteria and enzymes extracted from plants to provide a 100% natural, non-toxic and safe means of solving difficult cleaning and maintenance problems associated with Households, septic and sewage systems, municipalities, hospitals & other institutions. Ration BioEnzymes biological products are developed to work with nature, using bacteria and enzymes which occur naturally in the environment to solve difficult problems associated with blockages and odours around the home, in plumbing; septic tanks, lift wells and sewage systems.

  • Ration BioEnzymes are single cellular Organisms which doesn’t  react with any other thing which causes no chemical reaction
    these organisms eat the Carbon (Fat, oily stickiness ) and once its done consuming  the left overs all that is left is water and keeps cleaning for the next couple days which keeps the area clean & Tidy


1. Ration Bio-enzymatic cleaners encourage sustainable living and are safe for the environment.

2. The micro-organisms can penetrate small crevices and cracks to eliminate stains which conventional chemical cleaners cannot.

3. They are affordable in comparison to the toxic chemical cleaners that are available in the market.

4. They encourage a zero waste lifestyle as it is a sustainable way to clean the home.

5. The cleaners do not pollute the lakes and underground water.


Ration Bio enzyme cleaners comprise different types of enzymes:


Proteases : Effective in breaking down protein based molecules like blood and food.
Lipases: Break down fat and grease.
Amylases: Break down all the starch molecules.
Cellulases: Soften the fabric and restore colour to its fibres

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