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  • The RMC 4B Mold & Mildew Eliminator produces separate Ration Bio enzymes to ensure a swift degradation of key organic contaminants to ensure mold and mildew are biologically eliminated found in drain lines and other hard surfaces.
  • RMC 4B penetrats & cracks by cleaning mould and mildew organics accumulated crevices and pores of surfaces removing the organics by leaving a visually cleaner surface that cause odors and preventing their return.
  • RMC 4B - works on mould spores at the roots and leaves behind an invisible antimicrobial shield that prevents future mold growth and also be used to get rid of musty odors, Penetrates to the roots of Mold , Effective on hard and fabric surfaces ,Works on drywall, concrete, wood, masonry, siding, shakes, shingles, stone, grout, plastic, tile and many more surfaces.
  • RMC 4B • Ammonia-Free • All ingredients are Biodegradable • Caustic-Free • Chlorine-Free • Glycol-Free • Hypoallergenic • No Animal Testing • Non-Toxic • Petroleum-Free • Phosphate & Bleach Free


  • NOTE:Molds are a large and taxonomically diverse number of fungal species in which the growth of hyphae results in discoloration and a fuzzy appearance, especially on food.[3] The network of these tubular branching hyphae, called a mycelium, is considered a single organism. The hyphae are generally transparent, so the mycelium appears like very fine, fluffy white threads over the surface. Cross-walls (septa) may delimit connected compartments along the hyphae, each containing one or multiple, genetically identical nuclei. The dusty texture of many molds is caused by profuse production of asexual spores (conidia) formed by differentiation at the ends of hyphae. The mode of formation and shape of these spores is traditionally used to classify molds.[4] Many of these spores are colored, making the fungus much more obvious to the human eye at this stage in its life-cycle.


Ration Bio Mold Cleaner Spray

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