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  • RATION LAUNDRY LIQUID is a multi-enzyme detergent liquid ] RATION LAUNDRY LIQUID offers superior cleaning performance, at low temperatures. Our laundry detergent liquid .


  • RATION LAUNDRY LIQUID IS the only one detergent liquid in INDIA that contains six Ration Bio enzymes, each offering maximum stain removal (even on complex stains). 


  • RATION LAUNDRY LIQUID IS Phosphate free, eco friendly, acid free, caustic free, hypoallergenic, 100%biodegradable, no harmful chemicals, non-toxic, baby safe, no fading, no bleach .


  • RATION LAUNDRY LIQUID IS extremely effective, all - around stain removal and whitening effect , at low temperature - Proven to remove the following stains ; Candy , chocolate , coffee , tea , deodorants , dirt , fruit juice , grass , gravy , ink , tomato sauce , lipstick , oil , pet stains , pollen, poop , salsa, wax , wine and more .


  • It is Highly cost- effective - environment friendly, sustainability- enhancing solution at low temperatures - Safe , non-toxic and environment friendly - Plant based surfactant] we believe it is possible to have effective, natural and safe cleaning products that don't cost the earth.



Ration Bio Laundry Liquid

1 Kilogram
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