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  • RATION BIO FLOOR CLEANER is a stable consortium of safe Bacillus spores
  • Production of multiple Ration Bio enzymes providing a wide range of degradation capabilities
  • A synergistic blend that works in concert to provide superior performance across multiple applications
  • Excretion of high levels of amylase, cellulose, lipase, protease, urease, esterase and xylanase enzymes
  • Ability to work under aerobic and anaerobic conditions Single product simplicity for multi-application fexibility
  • Reduced operational spend
  • Reduced labour costs due to less man hours needed to clean the foors
  • Improved asset preservation as the reduced manual scrubbing reduced the amount of abrasion and wear and tear on the surface
  • Using green solutions that have a zero impact on the environment due to RATION BIO CO19 Disinfecting Cleaning Solutions' microbial and eco-benign technology BENEFITS FEATURES RBDC -Ration bio Deep Clean Floor & Tile Manual is designed as a bio-technical aid to treat of organic waste material, offering the following advantages liquefaction and reduction of solids, reduction of odors, easier disposal of waste, aids general cleaning of soiled areas, safety in operation of efluent systems, offers a viable alternative to current processing techniques using a bio-technical app
  • Flooring
  • Choose the Product according to your flooring
  • It Enhances the Product usability



  • Weather
  • Weather conditions play a very important role on this products reatainment on the floor



  • Flavour
  • Soothig lotus 
  • tangy citrus 


Ration Bio Floor Cleaner

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