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  • RBWC is unique blend of LP156,LL158,LA127 & Bio Surfactant effectively cleans toilets and removes stains giving your ceramics a fresh and sparkling look.
  1. Non-corrosive hence safe on Bowl & Tiles
  2. pH neutral and 100% Ration Bio Enzyme formulation
  3. zero chemicals and protect against indoor pollution
  4. Made of natural plant surfactant based ingredients
  5. Eco-friendly and biodegradable


  • This RBWC organic toilet cleaner is a unique enzymatic formulation utilizing nano bio technology which is eco-friendly.
  • RBWC organic toilet cleaner is also effective on hard water stains and prevents scale buildup.
  • It can be used on Indian and western toilet bowls and urinals and is septic tank safeWASH ROOM CLEANER HOME CARE


  • Shelf Life is for 12 months from date of manufacturing.
  • Use the Product on your washroom and leave it for 5 minutes to soak in.
  • The RATION BIO Enzyme Formula Cleanes the sprayed area and keeps feeding on fat and oil and keeps cleaning it for another 3 days!


  • Flavour
  • Mint

Ration BioWashroom Cleaner

Flavours: mint
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