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  • RATION BIO COMPLEX ENZYMES The complex Ration Bio Enzymes containing lysostaphin, proteolytic and peroxidase is added to the hand sanitizer to kill germs and viruses present on the surface of the hand thoroughly and effectively.
  • The Ration biological enzymes like bacteriostatic takes care of skin and hand, it has the effects of inhibiting growth of harmful bacteria and helps in softening keratin, moisturizing your hand.
  • The activated Ration Bio Enzymes have high benets and bacteriostasis and bacteriolysis are more effective towards killing all types of harmful Germs.


  • Ingredients: Protease 2 methyl 4 Phenoxy chloride, bio complex enzymes deionized water with bio natural organic perfume, FBFR colour E102, C.I.19140


  • HOW TO USE : Apply 2drops for one time (or ) 1 time hand full mist spray



  • Flavour
  • soothing lotus
  • tangy citrus 


Ration BioHand Sanitizer Spray (Non-Alcoholic)

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